Saturday, October 9, 2010

SM95 The Music FM Nashville 1976-1983

SM95, WSM-FM Nashville, was a unique station for the late 70s and early 80s, blending a mixture of pop, west coast rock, oldies, light jazz, and even contemporary Christian music into a format that captured young adult listeners for years. John Young was the first program director, followed by Mary Catherine Sneed, Donna Brake, and Bruce Sherman. Here's a group shot from the 80s.

Back row is newsman Mike Donegan, jocks Gary Beaty and Karen Gerson, Gary Wright, Iris Wray, and jocks Bruce Sherman, Donna Brake, Steve Henderson, unknown, and Andy Pearson. Front row CBS promo guy and jock Kris Bradley. Click here to hear a 5 minute aircheck of Steve Henderson on SM95.

Several years ago there was an SM95 reunion party in Franklin, Tennessee. Jock Skip Woolwine edited this video of the event: