Sunday, May 20, 2012

WRC Washington DC Sales Booklet

  WRC in the 1960s was a full service AM giant, with authoritative news and music each day. I was introduced to them on the weekends, when my dad would set us down to listen to The Joy Boys, Ed Walker and Willard Scott, who did a very funny show. It was corny, with plenty of puns and slide whistle sound effects, but for my dad and I it was a bonding experience.

  I wrote a fan letter to WRC and asked for some station stuff, and they sent me this sales booklet, with info on the station and air staff. A page is below, but you can download the whole brochure as a pdf file by clicking here.

I also got some WRC stationary, but I never wrote any letters on it.

There's a great WRC tribute site that you can visit by clicking here. Check it out.