Friday, May 27, 2011

WKXI-FM Jackson Mississippi Survey October 16 1971

Wayne Edwards sends along this survey from the all-new WKXI-FM in Jackson, Mississippi, 1971. He's the jock on the bottom of each survey page. Wow! This is some hard-core soul. Click either image to enlarge.  UPDATE *** Listen to Wayne's aircheck from 1972 by clicking here.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame

There's a brand new organization celebrating and honoring the broadcasters and stations of Tennessee. The Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame was formed this year by Lee Dorman. Plans for the future include an awards banquet, exhibit space for Tennessee memorabilia, and induction of historic broadcasters to the Hall of Fame. Click here to visit the website.

 I'm the contact person for collecting airchecks, photos, and anything else for the museum.
 Let's kick off the fun with a lot of photos of Tennessee radio people in the studio! Click any image to enlarge.

Keith Bilbrey of WSM-AM, FM, TV, and Opry announcer.

Captain Midnight, Roger Schutt,  on WMAK, 1967.

Chappel Fisher of WSIX-FM, here at radio station WJXA, Oldies 96.3

"Dashing" Dave Hampton at Vanderbilt University radio station WRVU, 1971.

Hawk Harrelson of Y107, WYHY, in 1990.

Newsman Buddy Sadler with "Miss Fire Prevention", from WKDA-AM, 1969.

Charlie Daniels and Tom Bootle, WKDF-FM.

Dale Turner and Debbie "DJ" Jones, WKDA from 1978.

Hey, it's me! Nick Archer at WKQB (WLAC-FM), doing album rock in 1979.

Like Post Records, more to come....