Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wolfman Jack at WLAC Nashville

Brian Mason of WLAC sent in this shot of the Wolfman sitting in the WLAC-AM car, "The Honker", in the late 70s.

Monday, October 3, 2011

WKZL Winston-Salem Andrew Gold Contest

Back in 1976, Andrew Gold released his album, "What's Wrong With This Picture?", which ended up producing his breakthrough hit, "Lonely Boy." Elektra Records started a radio station contest across the country, asking listeners to spot the 43 things wrong on the album cover. Here's a large scan of the cover, see how many you can find. As always, click to enlarge, or control click to open in a new window.

WKZL Nick Archer Apr 27 1977 Andrew Gold Winners by cranched

 Bonus! Click above to listen to the contest winner announced on WKZL by Scott Derringer (Chuck Holloway) and Nick Archer on April 27 1977. Thanks for listening and drive carefully!