Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WFIL Pop Explosion Volume 2 Outtakes

Back in 1967, Lost Nite Records released WFIL Pop Explosion Volume 2, with 22 of the then current hits. Here's a look at the cover.

Thanks to former WFIL jock Dennis John Cahill, we have some outtake shots from the cover photo session. These are on large format slides, and there's a bit of liquid damage, but gaze on these for the first time ever! Click the images for even larger versions.

It's overnite jock Dave Parks in the cool convertible.

This is a variation of the shot that was on the back of the album. From the top, Jay Cook, Dave Parks, Long John Wade, George Michaels, Chuck Browing, and Jim Nettleton.

And one last shot of George Michaels.

And thanks again to Dennis John Cahill for sharing this piece of radio history.