Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wayne Ashworth's WTOB Memories

WTOB 1380 Winston-Salem NC was one of the best sounding Top 40 stations around from the 60s on. Jocks like George Lee, Willie Edwards, The Flying Dutchman, and later Rick Dees and Steve Norris kept the station ahead of rival WAIR. News Director Wayne Ashworth published these photos on Facebook, and they're reposted here with his permission.

Ralph Beavers and Wayne Ashworth in front of the WTOB studios in the Thruway Plaza. 

Bob Dale at the board.
"Wild Child" Willie Edwards on the air at WTOB.

WTOB digs Reynolds High School pennant

Tiny Tim in the studio with WTOB jock Steve Norris.

Long time jock Buddy Latham with a great board shot.

WTOB promotional materials. I wonder what that record is.

Thanks again to Wayne Ashworth, WTOB News Director, seen here from 1969.


  1. A tremendous collection of shots here. WOW~!

  2. Good stuff. I listened during the Dutchman period. He had a character named Ed Bierly?. Dutchman would ask Ed how his bird was and Ed would say, "My bird's dead." I guess you had to be there.

  3. Managed WTOB in the 19704 -75. Knew Steve Norris, Others had moved on as Jocks do.

  4. larry "lurch" wilkinsAugust 11, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    I listened to wtob everyday when I was a teenager back in the 60"s. George lee was the D J at the the local teen canteen at Boonville school for several years where my rock and roll combo performed quite abit . it was great and very, very fond memories for me . GOOD LUCK WTOB.

  5. I remember and spent a lot of free time at the station, mostly answering phones for George Lee. R.I.P. George.
    Dutch is in Texas...retired. Don't know other locations.

  6. Any pictures available of Good Buddy Bob Langdon? He recently passed away at the age of 60

  7. Does anyone remember when The Flying Dutchman was taken off the air by a deputy serving papers while he was on the air? It happened in 1966 or 1967.

  8. Grew up with WTOB in the 60's. Great article and photos ~ thank you!

  9. To this day, I still say to myself, "I'd rather drive a little slower, and be a little late, than be the late George Lee". Bless his heart.