Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where's The Beef song from Coyote McCloud WWKX Gallatin TN

Coyote McCloud has been a Nashville institution since the 1960s. A recent billboard for Oldies 96.3 in Nashville had a picture of Coyote and the caption "He played them when they were new!" In 1984 he got the idea to do a record using the Wendy's slogan "Where's the Beef?" from their popular TV commercial starring Clara Peller. Coyote recorded the song with the help of his radio sidekick Jim Gossett, who wrote the lyrics and did the Clara Peller voice.

Wendy's national got a hold of the record and gave it their blessing, which let them replace Jim's voice with the real Clara Peller audio from the commercials. The record became very popular, enough so that Coyote left his morning radio gig to become the next Rick Dees.

He later returned to the Nashville airwaves until a couple of years ago when health issues forced a retirement. Jim Gossett still does standup, corporate comedy shows, and is the official parody artist of the Lars Larson radio show.

Are you ready to travel back to 1984? Listen to "Where's The Beef?" by clicking here.

UPDATE: Coyote McCloud passed away April 6, 2011 from liver failure. He worked at classic stations like WMAK Nashville, WQXI Atlanta, WSM-AM, KX104, Y107, Oldies 96.3 and Star 97.1.

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  1. How ironic Nick that you would post this a week before his death - RIP Coyote!