Saturday, March 5, 2011

WIBG Philadelphia Survey November 06 1967

This survey may contain the peak number of genres ever played on one station. The late 60s saw the coexistence of rock, pop, soul, surf, british, classic pop, jazz, and local rock on surveys from  around the country. WIBG's Top 99 had room for Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Dusty Springfield, Joe Tex, Cher, Keith, Beach Boys, and Ramsey Lewis and Hugh Masakela, and on the air as well. It was truly a melting pot of music that doesn't exist today. Click to enlarge.


  1. Quite amazing. Here we have Jazz, Rock, British Invasion, Pop, Bubble-Gum, Country, R&B, Soul, Psycedelic, Standards, Even ethnic African... And not one single Beatles recording! !(^&!!@ # = & NO BEATLES! Could this have been a conspiracy? How do you spell Psychadelic, anyway?

  2. At least, AT LEAST 50% of the songs that WIBG played (or did not play, but merely listed) were play for pay. PAYOLA. Philly was a hot bed of that kind of activity.
    I sat at the table, having dinner with Georgie Woods (The Man With The Goods) in 1967 and he told us that he had taken more than a half million $ in payola in the previous five years. And he was proud of it. Different times eh?
    I took $5 once, once, and that was it! I was working in Greenville SC. in 1963 and one night this old guy came by the station with his son, who had just cut a record, he offered me $5 to play it within the next 10 minutes. He and his boy went, sat in their car, to listen. I played it. Once. And that is the sum of my payola experience.